My name is Lola, Lola Hearts, and I’m just another loud mouthed, overly opinionated, student with a pen, some paper and a pair of earphones.

Music has been a consistent feature in my life – even my earliest memories have their own sound tracks – whether it be my Grandmother’s extensive collection of retro classics, (which would explain why I love the Rat Pack) or my Mother’s obscure preferences… (cue Runrig). But it was my Uncle’s heavy metal influence that had the biggest impact. Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and the Rolling Stones, to name but a few, fill most of my childhood flashbacks… And this is where my rock and roll roots were born.

The writing came later. I didn’t discover the healing power of words until I was in high school – around about the same time I discovered the wonderful world of music magazines. Rock Sound, Rolling stone, Alternative Press, and my Holy Grail of music journalism, Kerrang! – Like any anxsty teenager, I looked for anything to help me get away from the world, and writing provided that escape. But I quickly discovered that it was something I was pretty good at.

So, here I am, combining my passion for music with my love of words, and sharing them both with you.


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